Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility (AVSF)

Now you can set up a Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility in India. This has been conceptualised to ensure safe disposal of end of life vehicles.

Package Inclusions :-

  • Start- to- finish help in satisfying legalities connected with establishing your paint industry
  • Documentation for Consent NOC and authorisation for waste management
  • Legal help during the whole interaction
  • Liaising with concerned governmental authorities

Set up a Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility (AVSF)

The Central Government has notified the guidelines for setting up and operating Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility in India.. This applies to the vehicles that are not generally truly Authorized under the Motor Vehicle Act or where the proprietors want to scrap their vehicles. This office guarantees safe removal of such vehicles alongside insurance of climate and advancement of lawfully consistent vehicle destroying and scratching industry. Respective state/UT government grants authorization for starting RVS Facility in India.

Fundamental Terms in regard of Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility

There are certain terms that need to be understood in respect of Vehicle Scrapping-

While the decorative paint category constitutes almost 75% of the general market and is overwhelmed by four central members acquainted with the Indian family, the circumstance is different for the rest. In the home beautifying paint portion, as well, we see numerous new organizations arising. While this class incorporates different paints like inside wall paints, outside wall paints, wood gets done, and auxiliary items like groundworks, putties, and so forth, the remainder of the market is exceptionally undiscovered. The modern paint classification makes up 25% of the market and incorporates a variety of paint industry portions like car paint, marine, powder, defensive, bundling and other general modern coatings.

Aside from the licenses and allows required by any assembling element, the paint business will likewise require Squander The executives Authorisation. This is expected for assembling polish, inside, undercoating, groundwork and completing the process of shading materials, as referenced in the Indian Norms for Decorative and Household Paints published by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

  • Authorized scrapper-An individual, firm, society, trust or organization that claims and works Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility.
  • Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility- This alludes to a foundation holding any approval for vehicle scrapping gave under rules for performing destroying and scrapping.
  • Deposit certificate- A certificate gave by the AVSF to perceive the exchange of vehicle possession from the Approved proprietor to the approved scrapper.
  • Vehicle scrapping certificate- A testament gave by the AVSF to perceive the final disposal of vehicle. It should be preserved by the approved scrapper.
  • Scrapping yard- Place where the destroyed pieces of the vehicle are processed for treatment.

Which vehicle qualifies for scrapping?

The following vehicles shall qualify for scrapping:

  • Vehicles that have not renewed their original certificate of registration;
  • Vehicles not granted fitness certificate;
  • Vehicles harmed because to fire, riot, natural disaster, mishap or any disaster and the proprietor self-confirms it as a scrap;
  • Vehicles pronounced outdated/excess/beyond economical repair by the Central or state government;
  • Vehicles that have outlasted their utility or for projects in mining, highway etc.;
  • Manufacturing rejects and test vehicles;
  • Auctioned, seized and deserted vehicles.

Qualification measures for acquiring approval by proposed Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility

There are sure qualification conditions that must be met to seek approval for treatment of end of life vehicles by individual state/UT governments. They are as per the following:

  • The AVSF should be owned and operated by a legal entity- whether a person, firm, society or trust established with applicable laws.
  • The entity should have certificate of incorporation, valid GST registration and valid PAN.
  • The entity should have applied for or should possess establishment license from the authority.
  • The substance should fulfill minimum technical requirements for collecting and destroying focuses as indicated by the pollution control board should have the labor force and hardware to perform destroying exercises.
  • The entity should undertake to get required quality affirmations in 12 months time of operation commencement.
  • The entity should also likewise give supported plan design and building plan. It ought to have environment management plan for the office.

The AVSF will be provided connectivity and access to VAHAN database of the vehicle registration with a User ID and password. It must have security certifications for IT system to safely access VAHAN database.

Further, the AVSF should verify the person handing over the vehicle for scrapping in order to determine the actual owner of such vehicle. It ought to save the duplicate of something similar for least a half year.

Validity and renewal of authorization

The approval for beginning RVS Facility is valid for 10 years. It can be renewed for an additional 10 years and the approval isn’t adaptable.

Minimum Requirements for Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility

The office should to have sufficient area for movement and storage of vehicles and for installing equipment for de-polluting, de-risking, de-endangering and destroying end of life vehicles and they should follow all important environmental norms. If AVSF lacks the adequate capability or provisions for recycling of hazardous wastes such as e-waste, lead acid batteries, lithium-ion components or for recovery of rare-earth metals, then such materials has to be sold to duly authorized recyclers agencies

Method to set up an Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility in India.

The procedure is as follows:

  • The candidate can apply to the enrollment authority of the state government concerned or the UT Organization, where this office is proposed to be situated alongside the predefined charge.
  • The state or union territory administration will dispose the application in somewhere around 60 days from the application date, including all inner endorsements required from its various offices. After the finish of this time span, such application will be considered as endorsed.
  • The central government will operationalise a solitary window freedom for the enrollment of this office in no less than a half year from the notice of these standards. Until that period, the state government or the association region organization will deal with all applications physically.
  • The registration granted to the Vehicle Rejecting Office will be substantial for quite a long time and can be recharged for an additional 10 years.

Process of Scrapping

  • An Authorized owner or the authorized representative will give the vehicle to AVSF with essential reports and afterward the AVSF will lead checks to know the genuine of such individual prior to scrapping the vehicle.
  • AVSF will get to the VAHAN information base to make reasonable sections about vehicle scrapping and facilitate the process of submission of the scrapping request electronically and transmission of the enrollment authentication to street transport or regional transport office (RTO) to deregister the vehicle.
  • It will give testament of store to the proprietor or approved agent, and getting advantages and impetuses for acquisition of new not set in stone by the government can be utilized. The declaration will act as a proof of move of vehicle ownership to the AVSF.
  • The AVSF will pay the amount to the Approved proprietor or approved delegate for worth of the vehicle scrapped.
  • AVSF will issue a digital certificate of vehicle scrapping after the treatment is completed.
  • AVSF should set up scrapping yard and assortment focus to deal with, de-dirty and destroy end of life vehicles in the recommended way.

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