Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Certificate

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Overview of Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Certificate

Biodegradable and compostable plastic has arisen as the country’s famous option in contrast to regular petrol based plastic items. The public authority has been elevating utilizing options in contrast to plastic through different principles. The Plastic Waste Administration (PWM) Rules, 2016 and its corrections play had a vital influence. The principles have commanded getting a biodegradable and compostable plastic declaration for better plastic waste administration.

According to Run 3(e) of PWM rules, compostable plastic signifies “plastic which corrupts by organic cycles in fertilizing the soil to yield CO2, water, inorganic builds and biomass at a rate reliable with other known compostable materials. The PWM (Second Revision) Rules, 2022 characterized biodegradable plastic as plastics, other than compostable plastics, which debases through natural cycles under encompassing ecological circumstances without leaving any apparent, discernable or poisonous buildup that could hurt the climate. The Focal Contamination Control Board(CPCB) is the nodal authority that gives the Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Authentication to deliver and exchange compostable material under Rule 4(h) of PWM Rules, 2016.

The conventions for degradability of this plastic are according to the Indian Norms recorded in Timetable I of the guidelines. Additionally, according to statement 13 (1&2) of PWM Rules, 2018, the maker and vender of compostable plastic should enroll with the concerned SPCB/PCC prior to applying to CPCB. The makers delivering compostable or biodegradable plastic bundling should enroll as a maker on the EPR entryway. This is finished to get a Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Endorsement.

Requirements for CPCB Certificate in Case of Manufacturer

The manufacturer of biodegradable plastic carry bags and commodities can apply to CPCB for registration in Form-A under annexure III and the prescribed documents.
  • Subtleties like the location of the plant, postal location, Container and GST subtleties of the unit, alongside the overall data of the approved people, similar to name assignment, email telephone number, and aadhar number, are required.
  • Production details like raw material used, the nature of additive used, and bio-based or non-bio-based materials used. The name of raw material used and documents (like tax invoice)supporting their procurement are needed to get a Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Certificate hassle-free.
  • Makers should furnish the assembling system alongside an itemized stream outline demonstrating input unrefined substance, process steps, eventual outcomes and waste streams.
  • Pictures or short video of the facility has to be uploaded.
  • Subtleties of plant apparatus introduced to create biodegradable plastics should be given. The plant hardware ought to coordinate with subtleties gave in Segment 3 (A, B, C&E). This incorporates subtleties likethe name of the machine alongside their number, limit, power rating of the machine, and authorized power heap of the plant ought to match the power rating of the apparatus.

Note: On the off chance that the assembling unit doesn’t have substantial enrollment from the SPCB/PCC, then, at that point, the Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Declaration is given with the condition that the maker/vender will fabricate or sell the biodegradable convey sacks or items or both solely after they get enlistment for assembling from the concerned SPCB/PCC. The enlistment should be submitted to CPCB in somewhere around 90 days of the declaration being given by CPCB, bombing which the endorsement will stand dropped.

Requirements for CPCB Certificatein case of sellers

For accreditation of compostable plastic sacks, the merchant of compostable plastic items can apply to CPCB for enlistment in Structure (B). The dealer should statement subtleties like the item’s name and the amount. The producer of the item should be ensured by a CPCB. Furthermore, its name and address should be given.

For the sale of compostable plastic and getting a Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Certificate, the following requirement must be met –

  • Compostable plasticsellers must comply with provisions 4(h) & 11(c) of the PWM Rules, 2018, notified under the Environment Protection (EP) Act, 1986.
  • To get a Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic Certificate, sellers must also comply with conditions for compliance or guidelines introduced from time to time by the MoEF&CC.
  • The dealer of compostable plastic will give half-yearly subtleties of obtainment of compostable packs from the enlisted producer in the predefined design. The merchant should likewise give amount data of deals of compostable convey packs.
  • Sellers must also ensure that “Compostable/Compostable Plastic” is mentioned in English and the regional language. The seller’s name, code, and certificate number are printed on the bags they procured.
  • The aadhaar number of the seller and supporting documents must be uploaded wherever applicable. Further, business details like the address of the unit, GST and PAN details, IEC code etc. must be provided.
  • Obtainment subtleties incorporate the name and address of the producer for acquisition of biodegradable plastic packs/wares and the maker for acquirement of biodegradable plastic sacks/items.

Note: The issue of Biodegradable and Compostable plastic Declaration for dealers is surveyed according to arrangements of the ongoing SOP of the CPCB. The new SOP will be material on the off chance that CPCB has previously given a testament and an updated standard working system for the compostable plastic merchant. In this manner, such an application will be surveyed according to arrangements of the most recent SOP in three months or less.

Documents Needed By Compostable and Biodegradable Plastic Items Manufacturers and Sellers

Documents required for Biodegradable and Compostable plastic Certificate

  • PAN & GST of the company
  • Aadhaar of the authorised person
  • Process flow diagram
  • Consents NOC under Air and the Water Act issued by concerned SPCB/PCC
  • Registration certificate for producing biodegradable commodities  or carry bags or both issued by concerned PCC/SPCB under Rule 13(i) of PWM Rules,2018
  • Geo-tagged pictures of storage area, raw material, production area and product dispatch area
  • Geo-tagged pictures of plant machinery
  • Copy of Electricity bill
  • Proof of details of pollution control devices or measures is installed.
  • Documents supporting the procurement of raw materials
  • Test answers as indicated by the Indian Principles IS/ISO 17899: 2022. Testing should be directed at CIPET or a perceived lab under the Laboratory Recognition Plan, 2020, of the BIS or research facilities licensed by the Public Certification Board for Testing and Alignment Labs.

Documents Required for Biodegradable and Compostable plastic Certificate for Plastic Sale

  • A duly filled Form B
  • Authorisation letter issued t by the concerned manufacturer, the seller
  • Undertaking on a ₹ 100/- stamp paper by the seller

on the off chance that the merchant doesn’t have this enlistment, the testament is given depending on the prerequisite that the vender would sell the item solely after getting a legitimate enrollment to be submitted to the CPCB in no less than 90 days of issuance of the declaration. Separate CPCB testaments will be given to the producer and the merchant that provisions the item.

CPCB certificate issued to the manufacturer that supplies the product.

Note:CPCB likewise has a checking component under which the merchant needs to give half yearly report with respect to item deals to their concerned contamination control board. Likewise, market studies are done to guarantee the accessibility of compostable plastic packs to buyers. CPCB has the ability to drop or suspend the testament of the vender on the off chance that they can’t stick to any of the circumstances given the biodegradable and compostable plastic declaration

Stages in CPCB Registration for Compostable Plastic Seller and Manufacturer Certificate


Application and document submission Document scrutiny Issue/Rejection of application
For applying for the Biodegradable and Compostable plastic Testament, the element should apply in their separate structures and make a total application to the Focal Contamination Control Board. CPCB inspects the application. Questions and issues in the application are

conveyed to the candidate inside seven working long periods of receipt of the application.

A temporary declaration is given in view of the break test report submitted for the continuous test. Applications will be dismissed if bogus/unessential data/archive is viewed as submitted.

Market Overview of Biodegradable and Compostable Plastic

The rising mindfulness among general society with respect to the evil impacts of plastic waste is among the key patterns animating business sector development for compostable plastic. As the state run administrations restricted single-utilize plastic all through the country from first July this year, the interest for compostable plastic things will undoubtedly increment ordinarily. Going by the current pattern, it very well may be seen that starch-based biodegradable plastic was the biggest item fragment for biodegradable plastics in 2021, with an income portion of over 40.0%. The starch-based options in contrast to plastic are projected to overwhelm the market regarding worth and volume all through the figure skyline. Starch-based plastics are utilized in bundling, cars, and agribusiness applications.

Polylactic acid (PLA) items are additionally quickly making strides on the lookout. The less expensive expense of PLA contrasted with some other option is a significant driving variable for the utilization of PLA in bioplastic creation. Also, biodegradable plastics in bundling and horticulture supplement the fragment’s development. Additionally, it has been seen that shoppers can enthusiastically be made to pay somewhat something else for biodegradable plastic things inferable from their eco-accommodating nature. This makes the requirement for Biodegradable and Compostable plastic Declarations undeniable.

Importance of Post compliance audit under GPCB

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