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Overview of Calcium Carbide Manufacturing Unit

Calcium Carbide is an inorganic compound with the synthetic equation CaC2. It is created by treating lime with coke. at around 2000 degree celsius. Calcium carbide is a significant unrefined substance in ventures like metallurgy, pottery, engineered strands and synthetic compounds. Other than the previously mentioned industry, the other key application sections incorporate ecological designing and dissolvable combination. Calcium carbide has been distinguished as a combustible substance under the Inflammable Substances Act, and the Petrol Act applies to it. CaC2, when in touch with dampness (water and air), produces acetylene gas with a wide scope of explosives limits. The permit given by Oil and Explosives Wellbeing Association (PESO) is required if a producer needs to store calcium carbide in amount not surpassing 500 Kgs at any one time. The calcium carbide Assembling unit will require the business visionary to get a permit under the Calcium Carbide Rule, 1987 and the ensuing correction in 2021. The 2021 alteration to the Calcium carbide rules has facilitated the authorizing system for putting away and shipping calcium carbide. The need to submit applications and charges to get a copy permit has likewise been dispensed with, and a framework created internet based duplicate is adequate. Additionally, arrangements for a web-based expense installment office and geo-planning checking of premises for capacity have been given

Commercial production of Calcium Carbide

Business calcium carbide is the wellspring of acetylene which is utilized in the blend of natural synthetics, gums, and plastics and cutting of metals. A lot of calcium carbide are likewise made for the assembling of calcium cyanamide by obsession of air nitrogen. Making calcium carbide includes steps.

Step 1:Taking care of lime and coal into an electric bend heater and intensity the electric circular segment heater up to a temperature of 3,632 degrees F or 2000 degrees Celcius.

Step 2:Putting the anode glue close to the electric curve heater to prepare and afterward taking care of the heated terminal glue to the heater. This go about as an impetus for the lime and coal.

Step 3:Moving the resultant molten CaC2 into cooling equipment, which allows it to solidify.

Step 4:Processing the solidified CaC2 through crushing until it reaches the desired size.

How to start Calcium Carbide Manufacturing Unit

The maker/seller/carrier needs to follow a characterized SOP given in the Calcium Carbide Rules. Prior to beginning the CaC2 fabricating business, the business visionary should do thorough exploration available and dissect the present and possible future interest. The commodity import market potential connected with the item should likewise be investigated. As natural substance and labor force accessibility, project expenses and restitution period are basic for an effective assembling business. These variables should likewise be totally examined ahead of time. The accompanying elements should likewise be thought of.

  • To get a permit under the Calcium Carbide rules should apply Structure I to the proper power. The permit will be legitimate for a long time according to the new corrections to the Calcium Carbide Rules, 1987.
  • CaC2 must not be stored without a licence. Also, in the case of storing CaC2, the composition of the compound must be pure for commercial use.
  • The premises for storage must be made as per the conditions mentioned in the rules.
  • In case of an accident, the occupier of the premises must notify the nearest Magistrate or officer-in-charge of the nearest Police Station and the Chief Controller within 24 hours via e-mail.
  • Application for the issue of the permit to make and store CaC2 of the permit will be made to arrive at the authorizing authority 30 days preceding the date on which it terminates.

Licences and Authorisation Needed to start Calcium Carbide Manufacturing Unit.

Business Registration:DIC issues enlistment to MSMEs that fabricate CaC2. The enlistment interaction is important to confer lawful substance to the business and make a legitimate character for the business.
Consent Certificate:Assent NOC is expected by the assembling unit before it can begin producing. It is given in 2 phases, for example Consent to establish (CTE), which is allowed under the Air Act and the Water (P&CP) Act by the SPCB/PCC. The archives expected for this NOC are

  • Online Application
  • List of names of addresses of all directors and partners
  • Layout Plan
  • Schematic diagram of the business operation
  •  Water consumption & Wastewater balance details
  • Documents proving land ownership
  • Project Report from registered CA
  • Proof of payment of Consent fee
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Environmental Clearance(if applicable)
  • List of plant & machinery installed by the unit.
  • Monitoring reports for emission or trade effluents from SPCB recognised Laboratories.
  • Copy of Clearance from NBWL (if applicable)
  • Proof of CTO compliance report in case of renewal

PESO Certification:Enlistment with the Oil and Touchy Security Association of India is an obligatory endorsement program for the oil and gas industry or items. Coming up next are the records expected to Acquire PESO Affirmation:

  • Application form,
  • Contract with AIR for a minimum of five years, technical competency proof etc.
  • Plant and AIR, Business License of Manufacturer
  • Global Organisation Chart
  • Product IECEx/ATEX certificates
  • QAR/QAN Test Report
  • Manufacturer Profile
  • List of production equipment and test instruments
  • ISO certificate
  • Video of the Production facility

Additional Licences are required to start a Calcium Carbide Manufacturing Unit

  • Factory’s Licence
  • Fire NOC
  • Tie-up with TSDF facility/ Hazardous Waste Management Authorisation
  • Explosive Licence

Uses of Calcium Carbide

The demand for calcium carbide has grown significantly in the past due to its chemical properties that allow for its use in many industries.

  • CaC2 is used for the desulphurisation of pig iron and cast iron, for manufacturing PVC and its use across thermal, mechanical and electrical sectors.
  • CaC2 is likewise used to deliver acetylene gas. Acetylene created by the response of calcium carbide with water can be utilized to orchestrate natural mixtures, for example, engineered pitch, carbon dark, manufactured elastic, CH3)2CO, ketene, and so on.
  • Heating powdered calcium carbide with nitrogen gives calcium cyanamide, which is overall progressively utilized in the agrarian area to create synthetic composts.
  • Production of polyvinyl choride(PVC).

Market Overview of the Calcium Carbide Industry

The calcium carbide market in India was assessed at 27.5 million tons in 2020, and its assembling market is supposed to enroll consistent development at a CAGR of around 4% during the gauge time frame (2021-2026). In 2021, the creation volume of calcium carbide was around 86,780 metric tons. The interest for Calcium Carbide is becoming because of today prevalent properties that meet’s most requesting mechanical, warm and electrical execution prerequisites across different applications.

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