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CEIG Approval: An Outline

Net metering is an instrument which permits private substances to sell overabundance (unconsumed) power produced by an electrical establishment to DISCOM. This permits homegrown or business clients who produce their own power and product their excess energy back to the principal network. For instance, on the off chance that somebody creates 20 units from a sun oriented power unit and consumes just 18 units, the equilibrium of 2 units is offered to the DSICOM at a proper tax. Consequently for net and gross metering, endorsement from DISCOM is required for framework connectivity. Whereas CEIG approval(Chief electrical inspector to the government of state)will be expected for any such electrical establishment where the limit is beyond what 10 KW, and this limit can differ from one state to another.

By and large, establishments like hostage power plants, sunlight based power plants, transformers, EHV above lines, HT Engines, reactors, and wind power plants are required toapply to the concerned jurisdictional office of the Electrical Inspectorate to get CEIG Endorsement. This should be finished in the wake of acquiring the necessary power authorize endorsement from the concerned DISCOM and before the beginning of electrical establishment works after endorsement of the establishment graph. From there on an assessment is completed under Guideline 30 (Periodical examination and testing), and under Guideline 43 Approval by Electrical Inspector for the installation) before beginning of supply and in the event of recommencement of force after closure for over a half year. This review is performed under the Focal Power Authority (Measures relating to safety and electric supply) Guideline 2010. The finished electrical establishment work should go through review by concerned officials of the Electrical Inspectorate division.

Interaction of Investigation

An assessment for CEIG Endorsement is partitioned in two sections, the first is the underlying review, and the other is the occasional examination by the division. The applications for loads more noteworthy than 33 KV are shipped off Boss Electrical Monitor Office, while in the other cases, the application is shipped off Electrical Auditor Office. The cases wherein Affirmation of Electrical Establishments by Boss Electrical Installations by Chief Electrical Inspector is required are as follows.

  • Application for Solar Power plant if electricity generation is above 100 KW
  • Captive Power Plant (CPP) for all purposes (or in case the plant is for construction purposes with a capacity of more than 500 KVA)
  • Transformers
  • EHV Overhead Line
  • HT Motors
  • Reactors
  • Wind Power Plant

Role of Chief Electrical Inspectorate Division

  • Conduct statutory inspections of electrical installations under the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010.
  • Conduct statutory inspections of electrical installations under the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations 2010.
  • To frame guidelines and amendment of suitable measures relating to safety and electric supply regulations under section 53 of the Electricity Act 2003.
  • Conduct inquiries into cases related to electrical accidents.
  • Processing of VIP References and Parliament Questions.
  • To disseminate information under the RTI Act 2005.
  • Collect statistics and return & information relating to electrical accidents in Form-19 & 20 under furnishing of Statistics, Returns & information regulations, 2007.


Application Cycle for CEIG Endorsement

Legal endorsement of drawings from the Electrical Inspectorate of the individual state requires the candidate to initially present the drawings of the electrical establishment to the workplace of the Boss Electrical Monitor. This is a pre-foundation process that requires around seven days. After the endorsement of the drawing, the undertaking defender can begin with the electrical establishment. On fruition of the electrical establishment work in all regards and testing of the establishments, the electrical project worker will give a ‘Culmination and Test Report’ in an endorsed structure. The proprietor of the establishment, through the fruition report, will present an endeavor that the establishment is prepared for examination to the Electrical Auditor. The accompanying table shows the CEIG endorsement process in the wake of presenting the finish report.

Application and Record Accommodation Investigation Issue of Declaration
Application alongside the reports is made to the workplace of the CEIG. The Lesser AEI examine the application and, whenever tracked down total in all regard, will advance it to the AEI. If not, he will send an inquiry to the candidate to roll out important improvements. During the site examination, assuming the reviewing officials are persuaded that the said electrical establishment is overall similarity with Central Electricity Authority(Measures relating to safety and electric supply)Regulations 2010, fundamental wellbeing endorsement will be given. Further, on confirmation of the consistence report, the investigating official himself or through the concerned official, according to DOP, will give the wellbeing declaration. If there should be an occurrence of any issue or imperfection, he might give a deformity notice.

Archive required alongside the application for CEIG Endorsement

  • Completion and Test Report’ issued by a licensed Electrical Contractor
  • NOC from Fire Department/Test Certificate of the Fire Extinguishers.
  • Copies of statutory clearances /approval from Authorities, i.e. Railways/ Defence (AHQ)/Forest Department/ Civil Aviation/ PTCC/National Highways/ HERC/State Government/Power Utilities/CEI/other authorities of State/ Central Government regarding generation/transmission/distribution/consumption of electrical energy.
  • Single line diagram of the installation showing size, rating and details of protection, details of loading, and metering system.
  • Details of earthing provided for the proposed installation.
  • Copy of Licensed Electrical Contractor and Supervisor permit.
  • Scanned copy/ challan of inspection fee paid.
  • Undertaking for the safe operation of the installation.

Note: If the applicant has applied for Solar Power/ Diesel Generator/ Wind Power and Other Renewable Sources for energisation under Regulation 32 of CEA 2010, the following documents will also be needed

  • Copy of generator purchase bill/ invoice
  • Test certificate of the engine, generator and canopy in original
  • List of detailed load list equipment-wise/ Inverter details/ Modular Details
  • Work Completion Report
  • Copy of Contractor Licence
  • Copy of Supervisor Certificate
  • Photo of clearly visible D.G. Set/ Solar Equipment/ Wind Mill/ Other energy sources from 20 Feet Distance.
  • Photo of clearly visible specifications of nameplate of D.G. set/ Wind Mill/ Inverter/ Other energy sources.

Subtleties to be consolidated in the Electrical Drawings

  • Single line chart of the electrical framework showing the current, proposed and future establishment subtleties along with defensive gadgets, estimating instruments, link sizes alongside their ability and appraisals. The investigating authority will analyze the drawing endorsement application structure and check in the event that the candidate has given every one of the supporting records (as referenced previously). The candidate needs to address the recognized deficiencies in the application inside the period determined. The candidate ought to hence present an overhauled application structure/drawings as well as missing/wrong reports by resubmitting the application.

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