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Overview of DPCC Consent

Delhi Pollution Control Committee or DPCC was reconstituted on fourteenth July 2002 under Segment 6 of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 and Area 4 of Water(Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, according to which Central Pollution Control Board have the power to perform all the functions of State Pollution Control Board in all union territory, further Central Pollution Control Board additionally have the ability to designate its liability in Association Domain to individual or group of people as determined by Central Government.

The working of the Central Pollution Control Board and Delhi Pollution Control Committee is at last managed and administered by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. One of the primary capabilities and obligations of DPCC is to give Organizations the Assent Authentications, which are Agree to lay out, which are ground before the endeavor is laid out, and Agree to work, which is ground before the assembling unit is prepared to work. These Assent authentications are the drive of the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change to direct the exercises of Businesses that are bound to cause contamination.

The main functions of DPCC include:

  • Issuing Authorisation to health care services like hospitals, Blood Banks, Clinics, etc.
  • Spread awareness on prevention, control, and reduction of water and Air pollution by organising through mass media.
  • Issuing of the Consent form to different manufacturing units falling under green and orange categories.
  • Conduct research on data relating to water and Air pollution as well as Prepare and compile a technical manual and guidelines relating to the treatment of sewage and trade effluents.

Different categories of Industries according to which DPCC Consent Certificates are provided: -

For conceding DPCC Assent Authentication, Ventures are separated into four classes as indicated by their assembling cycle and Contamination File.

White Category- Industries having minimal measure of poisons delivered depends on 20. The ventures remembered for the white classes are not commanded to get Agree to work.

Green Category- Industries having a pollution index of 21 to 40 come under the green category.

Orange Category- Industries that have a higher pollution index of between 41 and 59 are categorised under Orange Category.

Red Category- Industries coming under the Red category are categorised as producing maximum pollution with the highest pollution Index score of 60 and above. These industries are banned from any ecologically fragile area/protected area.

Documents required for acquiring DPCC Consent Certificate

Documents for DPCC Consent authorisation:-

  • Site plan with photos depicting the distance between the proposed site and the nearest residential area and water body (applicable for Orange and Red categories).
  • SSI Certificate of Partners/Directors, Industry Department Certificate
  • Vents/ Stacks/ Chimney and emission sites with Nos. The layout plan shows the drainage/pipeline and final disposal point for liquid effluent.
  • Collection, storage, and disposal of solid waste
  • Total open land in the industrial complex for Green Belt Development, landscaping, and other purposes.
  • A qualified person drew building blueprints with machinery details.
  • Total constructed area
  • The project report includes production process information, process flow diagram, chemical formulas, emission, effluent, and hazards/solid waste sources.
  • Water usage breakdown and water balance
  • Effluent / Sewage Treatment Plant Specifications and Flow Diagram
  • Boiler type, fuel used, and quantity
  • Specifics on air pollution controls
  • DG Specifications
  • Raw material list with daily MTD/monthly quantity
  • Product/by-product list with daily MTD/monthly quantity
  • In the case of chemical industries, a Material Safety Data Sheet is required.
  • Permission from the state’s groundwater authority.
  • Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility Membership Letter (for healthcare facilities, Pharmaceutical units).

Documents for DPCC Consent to Operate:-

  • Authorisation Letter
  • Pan Card and the Aadhar Card
  • Municipality or Industry license
  • Health Trade License
  • Factory/Trade License
  • Proof of Registration of unit
  • Site Plan
  • CA Letter on the total cost of the project
  • FSSAI Certificate (for food-related business)
  • Electricity Bill
  • Proof of ownership
  • Water Bill
  • GST certificate
  • Environmental statement (form-V)

Alongside this Maker, for Agree to work, likewise need to show a duplicate of the earlier Assent (Agree to lay out), the Design plan for the assembling system, and the most recent investigation report of strong waste gushing, unsafe waste, and fuel gases.

Procedure for Acquiring a DPCC Consent Certificate

The Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate are granted as per the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 and Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, which mandates that “any industry, activity or cycle or an augmentation and expansion to it, which is probably going to release sewerage or exchange profluent into the climate or prone to produce any air contamination into the air should acquire the Assent.”

Filing the Consent Application Inspection of Premises Grant of DPCC Consent
The producer initially needs to enroll with the DPCC. After Enrollment, the Applications for Assent Authentications for agree to lay out and agree to work are submitted with required reports and material charges. Following accommodation of both the utilizations of assent endorsements, the approved faculty of DPCC conducts an obligatory visit of the premises, to set up a point by point report. After the report is examined and assessed by DPCC, Assent Testaments are allowed to the producer for laying out and working the unit in Delhi.

Different categories of Industries for DPCC Consent

Because of the low Pollution Index, the endeavors considered under the White class are not expected to obtain the DPCC Assent Authentication (Agree to lay out/Agree to work) under the Air and Water Acts. They can present an endeavor to DPCC online and direct the approved duplicate of the endeavor in somewhere around 30 days to DPCC.

The assembling units named under the Red, Orange, and Green classes just have to apply for Agree to Lay out/Work under the Air and Water Acts. The time of Agree to lay out will be from one year to seven years, as coordinated by the state specialists. Nonetheless, the Agree to Work/Restoration will be conceded for quite some time on account of the Red/Orange Class and a decade on account of the Green class of Enterprises.

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