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Outline of E-WasteEPR Post Compliance

The as of late advised draft of E-waste The board Rules,2022 centers intensely around the Post Consistence part of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)after the Authorisation has been allowed. The progressions referenced under E-waste EPR Post Complianceare prone to happen in August 2022. CPCB and SPCB/PCC previously had the ability to screen the post-consistence by the Producers, Importers and Brand Owners (PIBO) of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE).

PIBO-specific E-waste EPR post-consistence rules are given at the hour of approving them by the CPCB. In any case, when these new rules come into force, the PIBOs should guarantee that something like 60% of their electronic waste is gathered and reused by 2023. Likewise, the objectives will increment to 70% and 80% in 2024 and 2025, respectively. Therefore, a solid history for E-wastfe EPR Post consistence will be required in future. A Controlling Council will manage the general observing, execution, and oversight of the guidelines.

The EPR Authorisation Holder for E-waste will Have to make Necessary changes to ensure the following –

  • Only Authorised Recyclers and PRO Handle the E-waste.
  • The Product Manufactured is RoHS Compliant.
  • Producersset up E-waste trade offices to work with assortment and reusing and appoint Explicit obligation to Mass Shoppers of Electronic Products.
  • Awareness Programs are Being Implemented.
  • Proper records of e-waste sale and Purchase, Collection, Dismantling etc., as per Form 2 are being maintained.

Importance of EPR Post Compliance

Rules and rules gave by the CPCB are ways of channelising E-waste for Recycle and logical removal, guaranteeing that no damage is finished to the climate, which will help both the buyers and the PIBOs. Notwithstanding the abovementioned, the 2022 draft notice has presented a few extra obligations referenced under E-waste EPR Post Consistence. PIBO will currently have to enroll themselves on an entrance made by the CPCB. This is done so an internet based register of elements that have been conceded EPR Authorisation,along with conditions forced on them, is made and is open to any resident of the country. PIBOs should acquire and execute EPR focuses according to Timetable III through this portal. PIBOs must also file yearly and quarterly profits from the portalon or before the month’s end succeeding the quarter/year to which the return relates.

Checks Implemented to Monitor E-waste EPR Post Compliance

Application for the restoration of EPR Authorisation for E-waste is made to the CPCB. The CPCB Re-Establishes Authorisation in the wake of getting a consistence report from the concerned SPCB. This will be finished in the wake of analyzing the SPCB’s report on the post-consistence by the PIBO. Thusly, PIBO should guarantee that there is no report of infringement of the arrangements of the Climate (Assurance) Act, 18986, E-waste Management The board Rules 2016, their changes or any post-consistence conditions in their EPR Authorisation. Aside from this, CPCB conducts arbitrary checks, as well, for EPR post-consistence. In the event that an Authorisation holder disregards the previously mentioned arrangements above, CPCB will drop or suspend the EPR Authorisation because of public interest and wellbeing.

Documents to be Maintained for E-waste EPR Post Compliance

The Documents Needed to be Maintained by an EPR Authorisation Holder for post-compliance requirements are

  • Details of the Authorised Collectors, Dismantlers and Recyclers, PRO and any Changes to this have to be Notified to the concerned SPCB (as Applicable)
  • Quantity of Products Placed in the Market
  • Valid Indian Standard Institute Mark License / Common Reporting Standard Certificate
  • List of Collection Centres
  • RoHS self-Declaration
  • Documents for CPCB Certifications
  • Sale and Purchase Records
  • General Scheme of the Collection
  • Details of Imported Products like EEE Code, Quantity Imported etc.
  • Website Information and Toll-Free Number.
  • Copy of Agreement with Dealers, Collection Centre, Recyclers, Treatment Storage and Disposal facilities.


Filing of Necessary Documents Scrutiny by CPCB and SPCB Renewal of EPR Authorisation
Documenting quarterly and yearly returns, announcing subtleties of E-waste dealt with and different records to the CPCB and different Reports well defined for the substance holding the EPR Authorisation. Following of exercises as well as directing irregular actual investigations along side the SPCBs to guarantee post consistence Renewal of EPR Authorisation before its expiry date to ensure that the business operates promptly.

Action Plan Framework

Albeit the EPR activity plan is submitted to the CPCB at the Hour of Authorisation by the PIBOs (working in multiple states), the situation with EPR targets should be persistently checked by the approved holder of EPR. Late Revisions have Made the checking Systems more Meticulous.

Centralised Online Portal

The public authority has likewise called for laying out a unified internet based entrance by the Focal Contamination Control Board (CPCB) to enroll and document yearly returns by makers, shippers and brand proprietors. The gateway, once created, will go about as the single-point information storehouse for post-consistence rules, requests and rules connected with the execution of EPR for waste handling, including E-waste. SPCB/PCC has likewise been snagged into post consistence observing as they have been entrusted with presenting a yearly report on the EPR entry to the CPCB for the satisfaction of required EPR by PIBOs and Plastic Waste Processors

Cancellation of EPR Authorisation for E-waste Management

The EPR Authorisation got from the CPCB is legitimate for a very long time. An application for Restoration of EPR Authorisation is made in no less than 60 days of the expiry of the Authorisation. Yet, at any stage during the activity, if the CPCB or the concerned SPCB observes that the approved substance isn’t agreeing with the arrangements, rules or alterations in the E-waste (The board) Rules, 2016, their EPR Authorisation can be dropped by the CPCB

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