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Overview of EPR for Lead Acid Battery Importer & Manufacturer

In August 2022, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) told the Battery Squander The executives Rules, 2022. These guidelines were a hotly anticipated change in the administration of batteries, both old and new, in the country. The public authority made critical changestothe 2001 Battery Rules to distinguish versatile, car, modern, and electric vehicles and the obligations of makers of these batteries.

The essential partners of the battery market have been recognized. They are entrusted with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), where the makers(manufacturers and importers) of batteries will be liable for the assortment and reusing/restoration of designated amounts. The new principles apply to makers, shippers, and brand proprietors (makers) (PIBOs) of lead-acid batteries (LAB). Notwithstanding EPR for Lead Corrosive Battery Merchant and Producer, they should enroll on the concentrated web-based gateway Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).EPR orders that all waste batteries be gathered and sent for reusing/renovation and disallows removal in landfills and cremation.

Changes brought by the Battery Waste Management rules, 2022

Makers are currently committed to acquire EPR for the battery they present through assembling or import. This is to guarantee the execution of the reusing or revamping commitments. Presently the administration of end-of-life batteries will be finished as per Polluter’s Pays Guideline, on which the idea of EPR for Lead Corrosive Battery Battery Importer & Manufacturer was implemented. Following are the fundamental changes brought for Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturers –
Enrollment on centralised Portal:Importers and producers will currently need to enlist themselves under Structure 1A with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The guidelines empower the setting up of a component and incorporated web-based gateway for the trading of EPR testaments among makers and recyclers/refurbishers to satisfy the commitments of makers.
EPR Activity Plan: When the e-waste and plastic waste were brought under the Extended Producer Responsibility ambit, EPR for Lead Corrosive Battery Merchant and Producer was made compulsory in the waste battery taking care of fragment. Shippers were expected to present an EPR activity plan for authorisation and submit to the post-consistence rules from CPCB. The makers of Lead Corrosive batteries will likewise be expected to follow the similarpost-consistence.
Environmental Compensation:The arrangement for punishing the makers and merchants for satisfying EPR targets, obligations and obligationsis given in the principles. The expert in such manner is CPCB.

Effect of introduction of EPR for Lead Acid Battery Importer & Manufacturer

The makers should compulsorily present an EPR plan in Form 1(C) for the battery made in FY 2022-23 in something like three months of the distribution of these standards. Key focal points for individuals looking for EPR for Lead Acid Battery Importer & Manufacturer according to the new guidelines are as per the following –

Fulfilment of EPR Targets:EPR focuses for the maker, given in the principles, are well defined for lead-corrosive batteries for the four battery categories mentioned earlier .The maker can designate the EPR commitments to different substances. In spite of the fact that they actually will be liable to the specialists

Trade of EPR Certificates:Maker will meet theirobligation through the EPR endorsement made accessible by the recycler or refurbisher.CPCB will create EPR declarations through the incorporated web-based entry in light of reused or repaired amounts and allot them to recyclers or refurbishers. They can sell the doled out EPR authentications to the maker in return for squander batteries.

Applicability in special cases:In the event that another maker introducesa battery in the market in the resulting a very long time after the distribution of these principles, the EPR targets will be pertinent for various kinds of batteries in light of the typical existence of the battery referenced. In the event that there is a non-accessibility of EPR declarations with recyclers or restores, the maker will likewise be answerable for assortment.

Division of EPR target:Amount of assortment and reuse of old batteries have been remembered for the principles as assortment targets and the 100 percent reusing or potentially renovation focus of the separate year.Every enrolled substance should consent to arrangements of the EP Act 1986, and any adjustment of the supported Expanded Maker Obligation structure should be educated to CPCB.

Licences and Permits required for obtaining EPR for Lead Acid Battery Importer & Manufacturer

Aside from the EPR Enlistment, the merchants and producers of Lead Corrosive batteriesneed specificlicences and grants for setting up the business. These incorporate –

  • Consent NOC from SPCB/PCC for manufacturing facility
  • Lead Acid Battery Import License
  • Business Registration certificate
  • Fire NOC
  • BIS certificate
  • Factory’s Licence

Documents required for Battery Import Licence for getting EPR for Lead Acid Battery Importer & Manufacturer

  • Printouts of Form II
  • PAN Card
  • IEC certificate
  • Half-yearly returns
  • BIS certification
  • Self-attested copy of IEC

Documents Required for NOC

  • Online Application Form
  • Proof of consent fee payment
  • Layout plan showing total available space/area within the unit
  • Documents related to land ownership
  • List of names of addresses of all directors and partners
  • Project Report certified by CA
  • Proposal for STP of appropriate capacity (if applicable)
  • Environmental Clearance or self-declaration (if applicable)
  • Udhyam Registration Certificate
  • Proof of compliance report (for renewal)
  • Proof of installed pollution control measures and its feasibility report
  • Analysis report of the stack monitoring and noise level (if applicable)

Any other document required by SPCB (State Pollution Control Board)

Steps in Registration for Lead Acid Importer

The stages in the process of registration are given in the table below

Making Application Document Scrutiny Registration of Importer
The Makers and shippers of lead Corrosive Batteries should fill Structure 1 (A) through the concentrated online portal entry for enlistment according to the new rules gave in the Battery Squander The board Rules. All applicable reports for acquiring EPR for Lead Acid Battery Importer & Manufacturer are scrutinised by the concerned CPCB.Prior to giving an EPR Activity plan with subtleties of how Broadened Maker Obligation will be met after import should likewise be submitted in such manner. After fruitful enlistment on the brought together entryway, theimporter canstart exchanging. In the event of dismissal of the EPR plan, the explanations behind dismissal will be advised to the shipper.

Penalty for Non-Compliance of EPR Obligation

Registered recyclers involved in Lead Acid Battery recycling must ensure the following.

CPCB can suspend and additionally drop the enlistment as well as force Natural Remuneration. This is finished in the event that the enlisted maker is viewed as resistant with the EPR commitments according to Timetable II. Notwithstanding, the MoEF&CC will discard the matter inside 45 days after the allure accommodation. The Joint Secretary or the official identical in the Service of Climate, Timberland and Environmental Change will be assigned as a Re-appraising Power.

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