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Outline of Fire NOC

Fire NOC is expected for businesses, private structures, instructive structures and high-risk structures. The NOC is intended to guarantee that wellbeing and development details ordered by the state for explicit foundations are followed during the development and all fire security gadgets are introduced. Many states have their own Fire Administration Acts. Fire NOCs should be gotten for setting up new enterprises/foundations for doing business/producing and putting away perilous, unsafe, combustible, touchy things in the manufacturing plant premises where the units are housed.

The National Building regulation of India covers nitty gritty development, upkeep and fire wellbeing rules. It is distributed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and it was a recommendatory record. After new rules were given to the States to integrate the suggestions of the National Building Code (NBC) into their neighborhood building local laws, the proposals of NBC of India was made an obligatory prerequisite. BIS likewise gave warnings in 2017 to all the State Legislatures to consolidate and carry out the Public Construction law of India 2016 Section – IV, “Fire and Life Security”, in their structure bye-regulations.

Kinds of Fire NOC Testament

Temporary Testament:A temporary Fire NOC testament is given before the real development of the venture begins. A temporary endorsement guarantees that the development plan keeps all guidelines made by the local group of fire-fighters.

Final Certificate:This declaration is given before the inhabitance testament. The NOC office guarantees that every one of the circumstances in temporary NOC are satisfied and all firefighting gadgets are set up and afterward just a last Fire NOC is given.

Structures for which Fire NOC Certificate is required

Fire Certificate will be required from the respective fire department for the following-
  • Industrial Establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Multiplex and Malls
  • Mercantile business
  • Assembly Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Educational Institutes
  • Telephone Exchange
  • Custodial organizations
  • Storage structures with high dangers.

Phrasing connected with Fire NOC

  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System: system with the capacity to automatically detect fire
  • Combustible material: materials which either combustible or adds heat to fire.
  • Fire Door: A fire resistive door approved for openings in fire separation
  • Fire Lift: The lift that is installed to enable fire service personnel to reach different floors.
  • Fire Load: Calorific energy of the entire contents contained in space, including facings of walls, partitions, floors and ceilings.
  • Fire Load Density: it is the fire load divided by the floor’s area.
  • Fire Resistance Rating: Time through which a material will withstand the standard fire exposure
  • Fire Separation: distance measured from the external wall of a building to the external wall of another building on its side
  • Fire Stop: A fire-resistant material or construction with a fire-resistant rating of fire separating elements is installed in concealed spaces to prevent spreading.
  • Emergency Lightening: Backup lightening for use when the supply to normal power fails.
  • Means of Egress: An unobstructed and continuous way of travel from any point in a building to a place of comparative safety.
  • Stack Pressure: Pressure Difference due to temperature difference creates air movement within a duct chimney or enclosure.
  • Venting Fire: The process of inducing heat and smoke to leave a building quickly as possible so that the lateral spread of fire and heat is checked.
  • Wet Riser: An arrangement of firefighting within the building that uses vertical rising mains not less than 100 mm nominal diameters with landing valves on each floor.

Archives expected for Fire NOC Declaration

Explicit reports that are expected to be submitted to the local group of fire-fighters alongside the structure to get the declaration of Fire NOC-
  • Two copies of building plans.
  • Key Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Floor-wise Fire Fighting Plan
  • All Fire Fighting Plan
  • Front Elevation
  • Side Elevation
  • Typical Floor Plan
  •  Site Plan
  • Floor-Wise Plan
  • Project Report.
  • The certificate of building stability
  • Architecture checklist certificate.
  • Address Proof.
  • The photograph of the building from outside.
  • Electronic wiring certificate from a recognized agency

Stages in Fire NOC Application

Subsequent to getting the application with the above records, the solicitation is sent to the Central Official of the Fire Administrations Division who examines the site in regards to consolidating all the firefighting and related gadgets and presents a review report to the concerned power of the office, which gives the No Complaint Testament. The itemized cycle is given in the table beneath.

Recording NOC Application and Document Submission Site Review Issuance of Permit
To get a fire NOC, the candidate can apply through the authority site of the important state’s fire administration division or in disconnected mode by finishing up the Fire NOC structure alongside every single imperative report. The assessing monitor visits the reason and checks assuming that wellbeing hardware is introduced alongside the game plan for Fire Security like smoke alerts, emergency exit course and so on. The candidate will be inquired as to whether the application requires explanation. Solely after effectively finishing all conventions, wellbeing measures and goal of inquiries, the NOC will be given. The time taken to acquire the Fire NOC is 15 days to 30 days.

Category-wise details of site Inspection, Review and Grant of NOC

For Commercial Buildings

Building Category Condition Inspecting Officer Reviewing Officer NOC Issuing Officer
D-6 Building- having mixed occupancies of assembly and mercantile FSO/CFO








G-1 Building used for low hazard industries Less than 18 meter FSO CFO





G-2 Building used for moderate hazard industry Less than 18 meter FSO





G-3 Building used for high hazard industries Less than 15 meter FSO/CFO DD JD

For Residential Buildings

Building Category Condition Inspecting Officer Reviewing Officer NOC Issuing Officer
A-4 Apartment Houses Less than 15 m FSO CFP CFO
15 to 60 m FSO CFO CFO
60 to 100 m FSO CFO DD
More than 100m FSO/CFO DD JD
A-5 Hotels Upto 30 m FSO CFO CFO
More than 30 m FSO CFO DD
A-6 Starred Hotels  





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