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Overview of Lead Acid Battery Recycling

The utilization of Lead Acid Battery (LAB) has persistently ascended; alongside it, the reusing business has likewise developed. Reusing Lead-corrosive batteries are exceptionally productive in light of the fact that high recyclability of parts utilized in the battery. The significant parts of lead-corrosive batteries are lead (combination) from lattices and shafts of the battery, anode glue (lead oxide and lead sulfate), plastic (polypropylene) and sulphuric corrosive. This auxiliary lead is profoundly recyclable yet expects decontamination to eliminate debasements before it very well may be utilized. Huge interest for lead is met through this optional lead as it is less expensive than mining lead. Additionally, reusing is definitely less dirtying than mining the mineral, and with appropriate contamination control measures, it tends to be additionally limited.

The most common way of recycling lead-acid batteries includes softening and refining the lead and the lead glue from drained and disposed of batteries. Risky chemical spresent are killed and discarded or reused for different purposes. For instance, sulphuric corrosive is killed with sodium hydroxideand its side-effect, for example sodium sulfate isused to make manure and cleansers.

The external plastic body in Batteries is likewise recyclable. Consequently, practically every one of the parts can be recovered afterdisassembling the battery and depleting the corrosive. Required hardware for these capabilities is additionally accessible on the lookout, which makes the cycle quick and safe. Battery Smasher, hydro separator (for isolating lead from plastic), Rotating heater, lead refining unit (to decontaminate lead into lead ingots), contamination Control machine for the heater and so on, are a few prerequisites for a motorized Lead Acid Battery Recycling. Auxiliary lead and plastic from the battery can be reused into new batteriesor sold as unrefined substances for different ventures. A couple other recyclablewastes are likewise gotten from lead-corrosive battery reusing like ebonite, glass and so forth.

Registration process for Lead Acid Battery Recycling Unit

in 2020, the public authority drafted the Battery Squander The executives Rules, 2020, which might supplant the Batteries (The board and Taking care of) Rules, 2001. According to the current guidelines proprietor of the office should apply for enlistment to the Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC)or an office assigned by submitting data in Structure VI alongside required archives for the award of enrollment or reestablishment of enlistment of their Reusing Unit. The endorsing authority will settle on the application for enrollment in no less than 90 days of receipt of the total application structure and fundamental reports. The registration will be valid for two years. Application for recharging should be made a half year before the expiry of the enlistment.

Changes recommended in the Draft of battery Waste (Management) Rules, 2020

In the event that the 2020 Draft rules are carried out, all enrollment applications will be made in Form 2(C). Likewise, enlistment legitimacy will be three years rather than 2 as of now. Yearly returns will be submitted according to Shape 1 and made to the concerned SPCB by 30th June and 31st December for each year. Authorisation will be conceded under Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 2016.

Documents Required for Lead Acid Battery Recycling Unit Registration

  • GST Registration
  • Valid PAN
  • Copy of the valid consent certificate from the concerned SPCB.
  • Copy of the valid authorisation under Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling)Rules, 1989.
  • Copy of valid certificate of registration with District Industries Centre
  • Proof of installed capacity issued by SPCB or District Industries Centre.


Submission of Document Document Scrutiny and Inspection of the unit Issue of registration
Application in Form IV of the Guidelines and all important records should be made and addressed to Joint Secretary, MoEF&CC or any official designated by the Ministry. Joint Secretary, MoEF&CC or any official assigned by the Service will guarantee that the recyclers possess appropriate facilities, technical capabilities, and equipment to recycle used batteries and dispose of hazardous waste produced all the while. The Approving Authority will decide on the application for registration within 90 days of receipt of the Completed application.
Application complete in all regard will be conceded enrollment for a very long time subject to the circumstances referenced.

Responsibilities of Lead Acid Battery Recycler

Registered recyclers involved in Lead Acid Battery recycling must ensure the following.

  • Implement hazard control measures to prevent lead exposure for the workforce through Personal Protective Equipment, medical surveillance and health insurance.
  • To ensure strict compliance with the terms and conditions of registration.
  • Submit annual returns as per Form VII to the concerned SPCB
  • Mark "Recycled" on lead recovered by reprocessing
  • Show records relating to used batteries, sources, quantities and metal yield for inspection if demanded by the SPCB
  • Create public awareness through advertisements, publications and posters to inform consumers about the potential hazards of heavy metal pollution or discarding/selling batteries in the informal sector.

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