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Overview of the Legacy Waste Management

Waste Management in India has existed since the Vedic time frame. Around then, family or metropolitan waste, predominantly comprising of biodegradable parts, was changed over completely to compost for cultivating. This cycle went on for a long time until plastic was presented, what began an adjustment of the handling of waste and its gathering. This plastic, being non-compostable, was disposed of on infertile land, unfavorably influencing the dirt and by and large climate of that land. This unregulated and regular unloading of non-compostable piece brought about the wild aggregation of inheritance squander. To battle this issue, Legacy waste. To combat this problem, Legacy Waste Management came into the picture.

Legacy waste is the burn through collected over a significant stretch of time and disposed of on some fruitless land or landfills. Public Green Council has revealed insight into the issue of heritage squander in their new request connecting with a news story distributed in the Hours of India. Legacy squander is controlled by Metropolitan Corporation, which releases tenders for bidders for cleaning and Legacy Waste Management.

Eligibility for Applying for Legacy Waste Management Tender

The bidders are eligible to participate in a legacy waste management tender if they fulfil the conditions mandated by Municipal corporations.

Technical Competence:

  • The participant must have a minimum of two years of expertise in the last five years in the applicable arena or the construction field, Solid Waste Management or mining experience, etc.

Financial Competence:

  • a) The participant must have a net worth in plus in the last FY (financial year)earlier than the bid due date.

b) The participant must have a least Average Annual Turnover of Rs.fifty lakhs in the last three financial years earlier than the bid due date.

Aside from these, on the off chance that the member neglects to qualify according to the given circumstances, they might align with the certified part with whom they structure an agreement.

Any Association/plant or person that any authority has prior prohibited (Govt., Semi Govt., Company or Private Organization)in the most recent a long time from Proposition Due Date from participating in any delicate wouldn’t be able to present a proposition.

Documents Required for Applying for the Legacy Waste Management Tender

The report necessities for a Legacy Waste Management Tender are isolated into two sections. The initial segment is pre-capability records, and the second is reports required for the specialized bid.

  • Any individual dealing with the waste should get Land Waste Authorisation connecting with taking care of, recuperation, assortment, transportation, handling and removal of waste.
  • Apart from this, any organisation transforming biodegradable waste into new material.
  • The land designation division ought to give reasonable land to the development of the handling and treatment plants for solid waste. This land should be 100 meters from the stream, 200 meters from the lake, 200 meters from the expressway and one more living space as well as 20 km away from the air terminal.
  • The office administrator will get fitting authorisation from State Pollution Control Board/Pollution Control Committee Panel so that state specialists can examine and manage their activities assuming they agree with Ecological Consistence.
  • A compiled annual report shall be submitted to the State Pollution Control Board and local authority by notified date by the authorised manufacturing plant of the land waste management, including the collection and treatment facility.

Pre-qualification documents

  • Completion certificate
  • Affidavit in original for a block listing
  • Downloaded copy of the whole tender document
  • Certificate of GST
  • Signature on every page of the document related to tender and uploading of the same along with other necessary documents
  • Earnest money and bid fee

Documents needed for technical bid

  • Bid document fee and Earnest Money deposit submission or proof of online submission
  • The original request for proposal or any other correspondence, certificates and samples signed by authorised signatory
  • Power of Attorney for the signing of bid, authority letter after the resolution passed by the Board of Directors
  • Documents/various annexures/formats related to meeting the eligibility criteria

Process for Acquiring Authorisation for Solid Waste Management

For any bidder to qualify for bidding for tender of Legacy Waste Management,he must also have the Authorisation under SWM rules. The process of obtaining Solid Waste Management Authorisation is as follows: –

  • To get Solid Waste Management Authorisation under the principles, each bidder ought to Applyunder Form 1 for setting up an administration plant, including a waste treating, taking care of, or disposing of office. The reports required in the event that the waste oversaw is in excess of five metric tons each day are as per the following: –
    • Project report;
    • Documents relating to ownership of land;
    • Annual report of the previous year;
    • Consent or work order issued;
    • Technical details of waste to energy plant;
    • Consent from district-level site selection committee;
  • When the enlistment application is finished and ordered archives are presented, the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB)/Pollution Control Committee (PCC) will Scrutinise the proposition for Authorisation.
  • SPCB/PCC should authorise¬†for solid waste management within sixty days under Form 2.
  • The specialists have total purview to drop authorisation because of the disappointment of the office to satisfy the limitations gave under the standards or rules. In any case, the offices will be allowed legitimate notification and an opportunity to communicate their perspective.

Tender Proposal for Legacy Waste Management

The Bidder Must Only Submit one Proposal for the Project in Response to the Request. If any Bidder Submits more than one bid or Proposal,He will be disqualified.

Validity Of The Proposal

The Proposal for Legacy Waste Management Shall Remain Valid For Not Less Than 60 Days.

Procedure for Applying for Tender for Legacy Waste Management

Submission of Proposal Opening of Proposal and Clarification Evaluation Acceptance of Proposal
The proposition is to be presented by the bidder under the solicitation for the proposition with their capability. The primary bidder should present the specialized bid and afterward the monetary bid once qualified. When the proposition is effectively submitted, they are examined by the metropolitan enterprise for assessment. In the event that the proposition isn’t submitted timely,the civil company has the privilege to dismiss it. This is a pre-offered process. The proposition is then assessed by the circumstances gave. The proposition for heritage squander the executives is submitted in two sections. The proposition accommodation will be assessed first, and the undertaking accommodation follows this. Whenever proposition are assessed, they are positioned by their bid. The proposition with the most minimal offering will be situated first as indicated by the monetary bid. This will be then announced the favored bidder.

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