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Outline of Nitric Acid Plants in India

Nitric acid (HNO3) is the most generally involved inorganic compound in this present reality. Nitric acid is of extraordinary business significance as it is required in enormous sums to produce explosives, composts, colors, drugs and so on. It is a fundamental substance for drug and synthetic ventures like polymers and plastics things, explosives, dyestuff, manures and other basic natural nitro compounds. There are three significant types of nitric acid , for example dilute nitric acid (DNA), which is around 60 %w/w strong nitric acid (SNA)with 64%, 68%, and 72%. These are utilized in various businesses according to the strength of the acid . The most extensive measure of acid being fabricated is concentrated nitric acid (CNA), a high-strength acid that is 98-close to 100% w/w. Concentrated nitric acid is expected to deliver synthetic substances like isocyanates and nitrobenzene, usually utilized as the underlying materials in different synthetic substances. HNO3 for modern application is gotten as a frail acid arrangement at a grouping of around 65% – 67% w/w. The plant configuration is additionally, in this manner, in view of the strength of the corrosive that is being produced. The cycle utilized in nitric Corrosive plant producing are

  • Mono Medium Pressure Process
  • Mono high-Pressure Process
  • Dual Pressure Process

Stylish Creation workplaces in Nitric Nitric Acid Manufacturing

Nitric acid plants have two critical worries, lessening energy utilization and diminishing outflows. Trendy innovation has made the assembling system more effective by managing these two issues. While new plants are embracing these energy-productive strategies, existing plants are redesigning their foundation and ecological controls all the more really. Be that as it may, both these activities require natural leeway and authorization from the individual state government. An energy-proficient nitric acid plant depends on the magnesium nitrate course and existing plants can likewise be moved up to incorporate this effective interaction. These plants enjoy benefits like lower support/fix costs and are a huge step towards maintainability. Recently created procedures are intended to dispose of the perilous synthetic substances age, stockpiling and taking care of (because of the end of frail sulphuric acid ). The course of creation of nitric acid (Ostwald process) has been depicted underneath.

Step 1:Ammonia combustion: Ammonia is sent for burning within the sight of hot air, and a platinum/rhodium impetus makes nitric oxide (NO2).

Step 2Oxidation of the NO to create nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The NO from the above stage is cooled and compacted as it goes into the ingestion tower. The cooling system produces nitrogen dioxide and deliveries heat, which is typically reused in other plant activities.

Step 3: Absorption of the NO2 in water to form nitric acid: This dilute solution is broken up in water, and nitric acid is gotten. The further response frames little amounts of NO that consolidate with surrounding oxygen to make NO2 once more, and the response proceeds.

Waste Management in Nitric Acid Plants

While beginning any compound assembling plant, it is urgent to investigate the cycle and innovations prominently utilized and pick the one with the most insignificant natural effect. To this end legitimate waste administration in a nitric acid plant is expected, as the acid assembling unit creates hazardous industrial waste and other waste. Like some other acid assembling plant, a nitric acid assembling plant discharges strong waste, squander water and harmful vaporous exhaust that should be treated with a progression of contamination control systems per the rules of the natural regulations and material principles to them. This can be a drawn-out and tedious step and typically needs help from specialists in the business that can smooth out and oversee lawful conventions.

Solid Waste

  • Spent Catalyst after the scrubbing air emission must be recycled only through recycling by an authorised recycler.
  • The municipal solid waste generation at the plant area and township is being segregated into biodegradable waste and recyclable waste.
  • Recyclable waste must be sold off to authorized vendors, while other cleaning materials must be collected, stored and transported to an incinerator for disposal.
  • Other discarded waste (containers, drums etc.) should be discarded through a TSDF.


Chemical sludge from wastewater treatment from ETP in a Nitric Acid Plant

must be removed and disposed of through TSDF or co-processing in cement plants.

Air Emission

The manufacturing of nitric acid leads to the formation of nitric oxide, nitrous oxide and nitrogen dioxide. Some of these agreement house gases that must be trapped through air scrubbers to avoid the emission of such gases that causes global warming.

Noise Pollution

Noise management the board in the nitric acid plant is additionally expected because of the activity of machines like blowers, EDG sets, vacuum siphons, dryers, process siphons, blowers, and so on, which create commotion. These machines generally have inbuilt commotion control gauges or are given an acoustic nook to diminish the clamor.

Legalities in setting up a Nitric Acid Plant

Present day CNA, DNA or SNA plants are intended to complete the three phases in more than one way, taking into account the underlying speculation costs, feedstock costs, space limitations, and different elements. Other than the specialized expertise, talented labor force and immense capital speculation for setting up a nitric Acid Industry, the venture defender will require a progression of licenses and waste administration authorisation, for example,

Consent Certificate

An Agree to Establish certificate(CTE) is the primary phase of the Assent conceded by the concerned State Pollution Control Board or the Pollution Control Committee, trailed by Consent to operate (CTO) to a Nitric Corrosive Plant that is classified as a profoundly dirtying industry. This Contamination NOC, hence, requires the accommodation of the accompanying archives.

  • GST certificate
  • Proof of ownership like a Rent agreement, lease documents etc.
  • Certificate of incorporation in the case of company or LLP
  • Layout Plan
  • Aadhar Card copy and PAN card copy of the applicant
  • Electricity bill
  • Proof of Pollution Control equipment
  • Details of water balance in the area, the requirement of water
  • Detailed Project Report,
  • Details of raw material, final product and process flow chart
  • List of machinery, installed capacity
  • Consent Fee
  • Environmental Clearance
  • Any permission/document required by the Board

Environmental Clearance

Projects are sorted into two general classifications for each the EIA notice, in view of their creation or region as Class An and classification B (B1 and B2). Archives expected for the design are

  • Detailed Project Description (like project name, the proposed breakup of area, location, water requirement and waste generation.)
  • Site/ Layout plan
  • Proof of installed machinery
  • Proof of Land Ownership
  • ID proof of Signatory
  • Quality test Report (wherever applicable)
  • Proof of mitigation options adopted
  • Proof of Electricity and water connection

Factory’s licence

To lay out their assembling units, proprietors should enlist their organizations under Production lines Act. Under this, they are ordered to get an Industrial facility permit, which the Main Monitor of the Work Magistrate Association supports in the wake of looking at the activity site. For the Industrial facility permit, the archives that are required are: –

  • Form 1
  • Layout plan/site plan
  • Aadhaar card
  • Name and address of directors
  • MOA
  • AOA
  • Partnership deed
  • Account details
  • Commencement date
  • Payment receipt
  • Land deed
  • Consent form from SPCB/PCC
  • Details of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste

Extra Licenses expected for setting up a Nitric Acid Plant

  • Fire NOC
  • Explosive licence (if ammonium nitrate is being manufactured)

Market outline and Extent of the Nitric Acid Plants in India

  • India produces around 2044 KTPA of nitric acid . As nitric acid is a broadly utilized synthetic, its interest and utilization is moved nitric acid in various levels is utilized in nitroaromatics, drugs, colors, steel moving industry, guard and touchy ventures. Nitric acid is utilized in the creation of unrefined components in a portion of the crucial enterprises in the country. For example, it produces ammonium nitrate for composts, making plastics and colors. It is additionally utilized for assembling explosives like dynamite and dynamite. CNA is handled into fundamental moderate items that produce filaments, polishes, polyurethane and other base and speciality synthetic compounds

Assembling of Ammonium Nitrate

  • In the wake of getting essential licenses, a few nitric acid plants can likewise make ammonium nitrate, a significant element for assembling explosives. It has been announced as dangerous as it can possibly frame hazardous blends with the expansion of fuel. To manage the utilization of Ammonium Nitrate, the Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2012, were outlined. Make, transformation, stevedoring and packing, import-product, ownership or transport available to be purchased or utilization of this substance is covered under the Standards. For the assembling of the substance, a Modern permit is likewise expected under the IDR Demonstration of 1951. A grant under the Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2012, is likewise required. The permitting authority concedes a permit under the Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2012, for five monetary years from the date of issuance of the permit.

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