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Overview of Plastic Waste Management

As in line with the brand new annual record of the crucial pollutants Management board, the full plastic waste era in india, as in line with the facts furnished by means of 35 states and union territories for the year 2019-20, is approximately 34,00,000 tonnes per annum, with maharashtra generating the most amount of plastic waste followed tamil nadu and punjab. With this much plastic waste technology, india, that is the second-most populous u . S . A ., ranks 94th in according to capita plastic waste technology; china is the most important manufacturer, closely observed by using the usa.

Plastic waste in india is defined below the plastic waste (Management) policies, 2016, “as any plastic discarded after use or after its supposed use is over.” under this rule, plastic waste is regulated and Managed by way of the government via delegating liabilities to producers’ for the waste produced by way of them. This policy of delegating obligation to the manufacturers for proper Management and disposal in their product is described as prolonged manufacturers’ obligation.

Plastic waste (Management) policies, 2016 turned into carried out in march 2016 to modify the manufacture, sale, and distribution of plastic or plastic merchandise, including carrying baggage, plastic sheets or multi-layered packaging, and so forth. These regulations additionally prescribe people and bulk turbines, along with places of work, industries and business establishments, to segregate the plastic waste from their give up and hand it to the country government.

Role of Extended Producers’ Responsibility:-

  • Relieving neighborhood bodies/gram panchayats/ nagar palika from some economic burdens.
  • Push producers' to layout and manufacture extra sustainable products.
  • Selling waste management and recycling zone
  • Counting in and which includes the casual sector in waste management

The plastic waste (management) guidelines, 2016 also mandate the submit compliance for plastic waste management by the recyclers or the producers which include filing half-every year in addition to the every year record under the guideline 17(1) of the policies, 2016.

Post-Compliance for Plastic Waste Management

The publish compliance through manufacturers/importers/brand proprietors of extended manufacturers’ obligation is categorized into two components: –

  • Annual report- annual report is submitted by means of the producer/importer/emblem proprietor every yr through 30 april to central pollutants manage board.
  • Sales information submission- as per plastic waste Management policies, 2016, the producers, importers and emblem owners also are required to post the income information to the state pollution Management board or pollution Management committee.

Submit-Compliance Documents beneath Plastic waste (Management) Rules, 2016

Producers’/Importers/Recyclers, while filing annual reports by filling up Form IV as per Rule 17(1) of The Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, have to submit the following documents: –

  • Quantity of plastic waste received for the duration of the year being said upon along side the source
  • Details of landfill facility to which inert or rejects had been sent for very last disposal
  • Quantity of reject or inert sent for final disposal to landfill sites
  • Quantity of plastic waste recycled or processed in lots
  • Documents reflecting the repute of compliance with environmental situations

System for Submission of Annual Progress Reports

As in line with plastic waste Management policies, 2016, the manufacturers, importers and emblem proprietors are required to submit their annual document concerning the progress of plastic waste management for every state and union territory stated inside the epr action plan, which must be submitted to the precise state pollutants manage board/pollution manipulate committee. The process involves filing the once a year report, reviewing the submitted document, and developing a consolidated document submitted by means of the authority.

Filing of Returns/Report Submitting/Review Application Consolidated Report by Authority
For submitting an annual report, the character includes in recycling and processing waste documents form iv underneath rule 17(1) of the plastic waste Management policies. The producers’ duty company can also assist the producers’ in submitting the once a year report. The once a year report involves records on technologies used for the management of plastic waste, the ability of the establishment and many others. After the once a year report is filled with the aid of the manufacturers’ with the assistance of the producers’ responsibility employer, the record is submitted to country pollutants manage board/pollutants Management committee. As soon as the utility is submitted, the country pollutants Management makes its very own file based totally on the annual reviews submitted in form-vi, depending on which significant pollution manage board make its personal annual report earlier than thirty first august each 12 months.

Technique for Filing for EPR Certification

The manner for obtaining an EPR certificate beneath plastic waste (Management) policies, 2016 from nation pollution manipulate board or pollutants Management committee is regulated with the aid of plastic waste control act, 2016.

  • Filing an application

The manufacturer/importer or the brand owner has to sign in through the centralised portal and fill out shape-i of plastic waste (Management) regulations, 2016, at the side of filing the attested files and applicable fee.

  • Submitting/Review Application

Once the software for registration is submitted via the online portal is then scrutinised and reviewed via the authorised employees of the country pollution manipulate board/pollution manipulate committee within seven days.

  • Grant of license

Once the software is reviewed and scrutinised by way of the authorized personnel, the registration is granted within the case CPCB has not answered inside one month; it is presumed that there is no errors in the application and documents submitted.

Eligibility for applying for EPR certificate under plastic waste (Management) policies, 2016

Earlier than making use of for registration, manufacturers/importers and brand owners need to function in greater than two states for registration underneath valuable pollution manage board and in a single or two states for state pollutants manage board. At the side of this, they also have to publish an prolonged producers’ duty motion plan for plastic waste management.

Also, Producers/Importers and Brand Owners need proper management of plastic waste in the organised sector, along with sufficient land and space for setting up operations and for workers to work comfortably.

Renewal of Application

According to the provisions of plastic waste (Management) policies, 2016, producers/importers and emblem owners are vested with the responsibility for correct Management of plastic waste of the products they put in the marketplace beneath prolonged producers’ obligation (EPR).

The primary-time registration for EPR Authorisation for plastic waste might be legitimate for twelve months as in line with the plastic waste Management regulations. On the same time, any registration after on the way to be valid for three years.

After registration, the importers also are accountable for filing half of-every year development reports and every year development reviews.

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