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Overview of Scrap Battery Import License

A battery, as defined beneath battery (control and managing) modification guidelines, 2010, is a lithium-ion battery/lead battery which acts as a source of electrical energy, specifically containing lithium metals and lead. With the consistent upward thrust within the lead batteries marketplace and the authorities struggling to meet the required call for, India is opening its marketplace to scrap batteries.

A battery, as described, is a source of electrical energy with a self-life of three to five years, after which it is particularly discarded, developing mountains of risky and toxic waste which isn’t always controlled or treated efficiently, inflicting more damage to the environment and health than plastic waste. These battery scraps, if as it should be recycled, have a lot use in India’s growing battery demands. This call for also can be met with scrap battery import if carried out by way of a registered and authorised importer and is then adequately controlled.

Lead battery scarp is to be had anywhere in the types of wet complete intact batteries (RINK), drained/dry complete intact lead batteries (RAINS) and lead battery plates (RAILS).

Many countries export scrap batteries to India. The economic fee of scrap battery imports in 2020-21 turned into 893 million greenbacks, up from 152. Nine million dollars in 2018. Battery imports have multiplied 12 months after year, in particular between 2014 and 2018. India has bought scrap batteries from America, with exports worth $106. Five million in 2020-21 and Malaysia, with the values close to seventy two. 89 million usd.

In india, the import of ULAB/Lead scrap is regulated by using the ministry of environment, wooded area and weather alternate (MoEFCC), which mandate handiest registered recyclers to import with the extent of one/3rd of the recycling capacity problem to their obtaining import permission.

Eligibility for Obtaining Scrap Battery Import License

As indicated above, for any importer looking to establish battery scrap import, they ought to gather the permission and registration from the ministry of environment, wooded area and weather trade which delegate this duty to the imperative pollution manipulate board/ country pollution control board.

Other than this, beginning a business, together with import of lead waste importer, also requires obtaining DGFT license as properly.

Also, the Importer additionally desires to have the premises and facilities which might be mandated by way of the central pollution manage board and the Ministry of Environment, woodland and weather exchange set up widespread operating system for environmentally sustainable import of lead battery in India.

Documents Needed for Acquiring Scrap Battery Import License

The documents required while filing the application during registration the process are: -

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Import License
  • Bill of landing
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Industrial License
  • Bill of entry
  • Purchase order/Letter of credit
  • Technical write-up, literature, etc., for specified goods, if any.

Method for Obtaining Scrap Battery Import License

The Imperative pollution manage board has been given the authority to award registration to importers according with laid out rule five of the batteries (Management and managing) regulations from 2001 by the ministry of Environmental and Wooded area. Consequently, importers need to sign up with the Principal Pollution manipulate board and State Pollution Manage Board.

Filing of the Application Review of Application Grant of License
Recycler who has a license granted by means of the nation pollution manipulate board for recycling such cloth and now is trying to import scrap battery required to document an utility with the nation Pollutants manage board. Following the submitting of the utility with the required document, the nation pollutants manage board need to revert back in 30 days at the side of pointers and prerequisites for secure shipping. Afterwards, the nation authorities provide NOC (No objection certificates) to the importer, provided they’ve submitted an legit consent letter at the side of an accepted replica from the authorities of the exporting nation.

The Batteries (Management and handling) Rules, 2001

Ministry of Environment, Woodland and Climate Trade enacted the batteries (management and managing) Rules, 2001 to ensure the proper management of lead-acid batteries, which include safe and comfortable of disposal of scrap batteries and sale or import of lead-acid batteries. This regulation also affords mandates for registration for scrap battery import license as well as recycling these scraps in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

Absolutely everyone worried within the manufacturing, import, export or recycling system, such as Manufacturer, Importer, Re-conditioner, Assembler, Provider, Recycler, Auctioneer and Bulk client, is regulated by means of this Ac

Hazardous Waste Management Rules, 2016

Those regulations mandate the industry that is concerned within the manner which generates or consumes unsafe waste as part of their production technique is needed to reap registration or authorisation from the able authority, along side providing provisions for secure treatment, import, garage, transportation, series, managing and disposal of risky waste.

Obligations of Importers Under the Policies

  • Importers need to make certain that used batteries are amassed again as according to the policies, except the ones that are bought returned to the original producer or producers. Also, the used batteries that are accumulated are just like the ones new batteries which can be sold.
  • Importers are required to file half of every year returns of their sale and buyback by means of 30 June and 30 December to the nation board on shape 1.
  • Importers additionally have to send the used batteries or battery scarps to the registered recyclers.
  • It is also crucial to make certain that regulated transportation of scrap batteries is achieved to registered recyclers and not using a damage to the surroundings carried out.
  • Create popular recognition many of the public at the risks of lead thru numerous forms of media.

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