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Overview Regarding the Land Waste Management

In India, with an expansion in populace day to day, squander is likewise collecting at a disturbing rate. In 2016, to resolve the issue of land squander and lay out a legitimate Land Waste Management system, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) replaced the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000. The previous rules were replaced with the Solid Waste (Management) Rules, 2016. New SWM Rules apply to:-

  • Every urban local body
  • Outgrowths in urban agglomerations
  • Notified industrial townships
  • Areas under the control of Indian Railways
  • Census towns
  • Special economic zones
  • Ports and harbours
  • Airports/airbases
  • Defence establishments
  • Governmental authorities, either state or central
  • Places of pilgrims
  • The particular state authority may inform religious and historically significant places from time to time
  • Every domestic, institutional, industrial, and any other non-household solid waste producer situated in the areas

The Latest Report of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Estimates the Increase in Solid Waste Generation. The Table for the same is Provided Below –

Year Per Capita generation of Land Waste (g/day)
2015-16 118.68
2016-17 132.78
2017-18 98.79
2018-19 121.54
2019-20 119.26
2020-21 119.07

The Gap in Land Waste Management

As per the yearly report of 2020-21 presented by the Central Pollution Control Board to the MoEF&CC, there has been a reduction in the hole present between the age of land squander and its administration during the most recent six years. The rate hole for Waste Management The board is noted to diminish from 40.99 percent in 2015-16 to 25.82 percent in 2019-20.

Year Land Waste Management (in percentage)
2015-16 40.99
2016-17 79.78
2017-18 9.38
2018-19 30.35
2019-20 25.82
2020-21 31.70

To Proceed with this Pattern, there is a Requirement for more Land Waste Management Plants under rule 15 (y) of the SWM Rules. The Complete Number of Authorisations allowed by the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB)/Pollution Control Committee (PCC) is 456.

Eligibility for applying for Land Waste Management Authorisation

  • Any individual dealing with the waste should get Land Waste Authorisation connecting with taking care of, recuperation, assortment, transportation, handling and removal of waste.
  • Apart from this, any organisation transforming biodegradable waste into new material.
  • The land designation division ought to give reasonable land to the development of the handling and treatment plants for solid waste. This land should be 100 meters from the stream, 200 meters from the lake, 200 meters from the expressway and one more living space as well as 20 km away from the air terminal.
  • The office administrator will get fitting authorisation from State Pollution Control Board/Pollution Control Committee Panel so that state specialists can examine and manage their activities assuming they agree with Ecological Consistence.
  • A compiled annual report shall be submitted to the State Pollution Control Board and local authority by notified date by the authorised manufacturing plant of the land waste management, including the collection and treatment facility.

Documents required for applying for Land Waste Management Authorisation

Documents That are Needed While Filing for Authorisation Application Under SWM Rules for Land Waste Management Are: –

  • Location map and site plan
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • GST certificate
  • Agreement with other stakeholders
  • Document for site clearance
  • The procedure followed for storage and handling of solid waste (with photographs)
  • Consent to Establish certificate
  • Consent to Operate certificate
  • Procedure flow chart followed for Land Waste Management
  • In case of an application for renewal of Authorisation, submit a Compliance Report w.r.t. the previous Authorisation

Details of land waste disposal

Types of Land Waste in India

Land waste in India is ordered into three fundamental classes as per the different Land Waste Management processes. These three classes are: –

  • Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid Waste includes waste from development and destruction flotsam and jetsam, squander from roads, family squander, disinfection buildup, squander from business edifices, and so on. Service of Climate, Woods and Environmental Change has recorded Metropolitan Strong Waste, which incorporates business and private waste and doesn’t contain modern risky waste however bio-clinical waste.

  • Bio-Medical Waste

Bio-Clinical Waste is the land waste created in wellbeing administration offices like squandered meds, emergency treatment hardware, body liquids, and so on. It is exceptionally harmful and irresistible while perhaps not properly made due.

  • Industrial Solid Waste

This category includes toxic, corrosive and highly flammable waste released by industries.

The Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 stipulate 

  • That within two years, land waste management facilities should be set up by all Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) having a 1,00,000 or more population
  • Starting ordinary or autonomous sanitary landfills by or for all Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) where the population is 0.5 million or more within three years.
  • Five years for bio-remediation or capping of old and abandoned landfill sites

Renewal Land Waste Authorisation
Assume the Application for Authorisation is submitted interestingly; all things considered, it will stay legitimate for one year. In the event of reestablishment, they should finish up Form 2 sixty days before Land Waste Management Authorisation lapse.

Procedure for Applying for Land Waste Management Authorisation

Submission of Application Evaluation Acceptance of Application
The office applying for land burn through administration interestingly should enroll under Form 1 preceding beginning the assembling system according to Solid Waste Management Rules. The application submitted is then confirmed and investigated at the field level by a Segment Official or Overseeing Official to check the ecological consistence level. Based on the inspection report created by the applicant, the authorisation is either granted or cancelled by Chairman/Member Secretary.

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