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The Municipal Corporation of Delhi Launches ‘Zero Waste Campaign’ to End Landfill Sites and Mountains of Garbage

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To take a step forward for Delhi Clean, MCD (The Municipal Corporation of Delhi) launches a campaign named ‘Zero waste’.

The key objective of this campaign is to end landfill sites and mountains of garbage which are situated at the city. MCD has declared 127 colonies as ‘zero waste’ zone across the national capital.

Gyanesh Bharti told that solid waste management was very challenging for us. In Delhi, around 11000 tonnes of garbage is generated on a daily basis whereas around 8000 tonnes garbage is disposed of.

The great concern is that about 4000 tonnes of waste is being converted into legacy waste in the landfill site.

To fix this issue, it is crucial to make more and more zero waste colonies and the garbage should be disposed of in separate at the source itself.

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